Case# 4003: Spinal Cord Injury Resulting From Trauma Inflicted By Law Enforcement

$39 Million Spinal Cord Injury On November 3, the Plaintiff, a healthy and productive 32-year-old black male, was detained by the Defendant, a duly authorized actual and/or apparent agent and/or employee of the State of Maryland, the Baltimore Police Department and the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, regarding a potential traffic violation. This incident … Continued

Case# 4055 Young Victim of Hospital Negligence

$14.5 Million Hospital Negligence On January 12, 2016, the Minor Plaintiff was admitted to the Defendant Hospital for a sickle cell crisis. The Minor Plaintiff alleged that he underwent negligent blood transfusions ordered and supervised by duly authorized agents and/or employees of the Defendant Hospital. The Minor Plaintiff alleged that he was negligently over-transfused, causing … Continued

Case #1091: Infant Suffers Kidney Failure from Ongoing Medical Negligence

$9.75 Million Medical Negligence On March 24, the two year old Minor Plaintiff was admitted to the Defendant Hospital under the care of the Defendant pediatric urologist, due to bilateral vesicoureteral reflux urine backing up her ureter into the kidneys causing urinary tract infections. The Defendant surgically reimplanted the ureters on both sides to prevent the … Continued

Case #1071: Spinal Cord Injuries

$6.9 Million Spinal Cord Injury On October 2, the Infant Plaintiff was born following a scheduled cesarean section. At that time, a vestigial tail (fatty deposit) was noted at the base of the spine. The following day, an MRI of the spine confirmed the additional presence of a tethered cord at the L5 junction. Accordingly, on … Continued

Case# 4004: Failure To Diagnose Infant’s Bowel Obstruction Leads To Massive And Irreversible Brain Injury

$5 Million Brain Injury On August 25, the Infant Plaintiff was born uneventfully and was discharged to go home with his mother shortly thereafter. Approximately one month after birth, the Infant Plaintiff began vomiting during the morning hours. His parents telephoned the Defendant pediatrician who informed them that the vomiting was probably due to the … Continued

Case #1060: Brain Bleed

$3.75 Million Brain Bleed On February 27, the Plaintiff, then 26 years old, presented to the Defendant Hospital in labor. At that time, she was 37-5/7 weeks gestation with prior deliveries via cesarean section. She was admitted, received an epidural and proceeded to the operating room. She subsequently delivered via cesarean section on February 27. On … Continued