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When you place your trust in a group of medical professionals, you expect to receive the highest level of care and commitment to your wellbeing. This is especially true for the birth of a child. During labor and delivery, the medical staff has a duty of proper care to the mother and the unborn infant. When this duty is not met, serious injuries can result to both. If you or your baby was injured during the labor and delivery process, the attorneys of Schochor, Staton, Goldberg and Cardea, P.A. have the knowledge and practical legal skill to guide you through every step of your case.

Types of labor and delivery negligence

The process of labor and delivery requires constant attention to the health and wellbeing of the mother, as well as the unborn baby. There are often numerous parties involved, including nurses, midwives, physicians, and anesthesiologists. Each of the involved parties owes a duty of adequate care to the patient, and when that duty is not met, substantial injury can occur to the mother and child.

Some of the most common types of labor and delivery injuries stem from:

  • Delayed cesarean sections
  • Incorrect medication dosage
  • Failure to adequately monitor
  • Surgical errors
  • Injuries from chosen delivery procedure

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