Case #1104: Surgical Errors

$3.5 Million Surgical Errors A woman who experienced lower extremity paralysis following a bypass procedure claimed her treating surgeons negligently caused her injury. The defendants denied liability and claimed they acted within the standard of care. A Harford County jury found for the plaintiff and awarded her $3,557,398 against two surgeons and their employer. Defense … Continued

Case #1114: Brain Injury

$3.5 Million Brain Injury The Infant Plaintiff was born at the Defendant Hospital on November 6th. Due to a number of abnormalities including hypoglycemia, thick meconium, temperature instability and poor feeding, this newborn required ongoing close surveillance of his condition. Contrary to the standards of care, the Defendant’s personnel permitted the Infant Plaintiff to simply … Continued

Case #4028 Failure to Operate in a Timely Manner Causes Massive and Irreversible Hypoxic Brain Damage

$3.5 Million Failure to Operate in a Timely Manner Causes Massive and Irreversible Hypoxic Brain Damage The Plaintiff, age 20, presented to the Defendant Hospital with complaints of abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. Laboratory studies revealed a white blood count of 13,300 with a left shift, as well as elevated amylase and lipase levels with … Continued

Case #1035: Bowel Resection

$3.5 Million Bowel Resection On November 29, the Minor Plaintiff was sent by his family practitioner to the pediatric emergency department at the Defendant Anonymous Hospital due to abdominal pain with guarding, bloody vomiting, weakness and tachycardia. Within twenty-four hours of admission, he required fluid resuscitation due to severe dehydration, was lavaged because of the gastrointestinal … Continued

Case #4022 Anaphylactic Reaction to Medication Lead to Death

$3.15 Million Anaphylactic Reaction to Medication Lead to Death On January 11, the Plaintiff’s Decedent voluntarily checked into the Defendant facility for alcohol dependency.  At the time of the Plaintiff’s Decedent’s admission, he was a 66-year old gentleman with no significant medical history other than hypertension for which he was taking 300 milligrams of Cardizem … Continued

Case #4044 Irreversible Brain Injury

$2.75 Million Irreversible Brain Injury On July 8, the Plaintiff, arrived at the Defendant outpatient surgical center to undergo a colonoscopy as well as an EGD procedure (esophagogastroduodenoscopy).  The colonoscopy was performed uneventfully, followed by the EGD procedure.  The Plaintiff received Versed, Fentanyl and Propofol as her twilight anesthesia for the procedure. The Plaintiff alleged … Continued