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Each year, about 6 to 9 out of every 1,000 infants born in the United States suffers a birth injury — many of which are preventable. If your infant suffered a mild to severe birth injury due to a serious error during the prenatal or labor and delivery process, our birth injury lawyers can help. You may be able to pursue legal action against the healthcare provider, and our experienced attorneys will help navigate your difficult circumstances.

Types of Birth Injuries in Newborn Babies

Doctors, nurses, midwives, and other healthcare professionals have the responsibility to ensure your child’s birth goes as smoothly as possible. When errors occur, birth injuries can range from mild to severe. While the effects can be temporary, some birth defects require a defined period of medical treatment and others can result in a permanent disability. Common types include:

Causes of Birth Injuries

The causes of birth injuries also vary widely, which is why you need birth injury attorneys on your side. An error can occur with the use of certain instruments, such as a vacuum extractor or forceps. Perhaps the treating OB/GYN made a mistake by performing a vaginal delivery instead of a caesarian section, or failed to anticipate potential complications. Additionally, a problem may have been present during the pregnancy that should have been discovered and addressed during the prenatal period.
When an emergency does present itself, all medical professionals must rise to the occasion, acting quickly to address all concerns. They must effectively deal with signs of fetal distress, issues with the umbilical cord, bleeding, and more. Doctors and other professionals who fail in these duties may be found legally accountable for malpractice.

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