$5.25 Million Medical Negligence

On August 17, the Plaintiff presented to the emergency room of a local hospital for treatment of seizures. He had a documented history of seizure activity and had previously been seen at the same hospital for same problem. The health care providers at the hospital failed to monitor the patient appropriately to prevent him from having a seizure and injuring himself. Specifically, these health care providers failed to provide the Plaintiff with appropriate, therapeutic dose of Dilantin, anti-seizure medication. Additionally, the health care providers failed to adequately protect the Plaintiff from falling and injuring himself. As a result, he was left unattended on a gurney with no rails, no restraints, and no Dilantin medication. He then experienced a seizure and fell to the floor, sustaining a neck and spinal cord injury which has left him with permanent quadriplegia.

Had these Defendants complied with the standards of care, the patient would have been adequately medicated, monitored and treated such that he would not have seized, fallen and injured himself.