$3.75 Million Brain Bleed

On February 27, the Plaintiff, then 26 years old, presented to the Defendant Hospital in labor. At that time, she was 37-5/7 weeks gestation with prior deliveries via cesarean section. She was admitted, received an epidural and proceeded to the operating room. She subsequently delivered via cesarean section on February 27.

On February 28, the Plaintiff complained of head pain and right sided body numbness. Pregnant females can develop a sinus venous thrombosis which presents in that manner. The Plaintiff alleged that the standards of care mandated that physicians rule out the presence of sinus venous thrombosis through an MRI and/or MRV. However, no such testing was performed. On March 2, the Plaintiff made the same type of complaints, which the Defendants personnel attributed to an epidural leak. On March 3, she underwent an epidural blood patch by anesthesia — to no avail. The blood patch did not relieve her complaints of head pain, worsening nausea and vomiting, as well as numbness and/or weakness. Tragically, on March 5, the Plaintiff was found unresponsive on the floor. At approximately 9:20 p.m., a non-contrast CT scan was completed which showed hemorrhage in the brain.

On March 6, a repeat CT scan showed hyper-dense venous sinuses consistent with the venous thrombosis. On March 7, a thrombectomy and thrombolysis failed and on March 9, craniotomy was required with evacuation of the hematoma. The Plaintiff underwent a tracheostomy thereafter, and was ultimately transferred to a nursing home on April 17, of the next year, for long term, chronic care, where she remains today, unable to care for herself due to massive brain injury.

The Plaintiff alleged that, following childbirth, she manifested with signs and symptoms of a venous thrombosis which employees of the Defendant Hospital failed to diagnose with MRI or MRV, and failed to treat with heparin which would have successfully avoided any neurologic insult. The Defendants denied all allegations of negligence, causation and/or harm.