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Misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis and failure to diagnose cancer can lead to wrongful death or difficult treatment options in many situations where it may have been easily treatable and even cured.

According to the online journal Cancer, about 12 percent of cancer patients are initially misdiagnosed. Delays in diagnosis and treatment can drastically affect the survival rate of a patient, and make many treatment options, including chemotherapy, surgery or bone marrow transplants, prolonged, very difficult or ineffective.

How is Cancer Commonly Misdiagnosed?

Cancer may be misdiagnosed if a physician or specialist fails to properly assess the following:

  • Presence and type of cancer
  • Location of the cancer
  • Stage, or severity, of cancer
  • Conditions related to the cancer

What Can Happen as the Result of Cancer Misdiagnosis?

Any of these misdiagnoses can lead to the following harmful outcomes:

  • Delayed diagnosis may allow the cancer to progress from a curable to incurable stage.
  • As a result of delayed diagnosis, the patient may be forced to undergo more aggressive treatment exposing the patient to greater risks.
  • Misdiagnosing the severity or stage of the cancer could needlessly put the patient through harmful and painful treatments, like radiation or chemotherapy.
  • A misdiagnosis could result in the need for complicated medical procedures which increase the chance of surgical complications and death.

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