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State agencies, governments, and public health officers have launched a new battle for relief and resources to help South Carolina communities respond effectively to the opioid crisis. Retained by Richland County and the City of Georgetown, a committed team of legal experts is now fighting to obtain justice and compensation for local governments struggling to help their citizens and agencies weather this catastrophic public health menace. The high-powered team lead by Schochor, Staton, Goldberg, and Cardea, P.A. includes; Spangenberg, Shibley and Liber; Johnson Toal and Battiste; Walker Morgan; Griffin Davis; and attorneys Todd Rutherford, Doug Treasurer, and Peter Philips

A growing opioid crisis

South Carolina has been hit hard by the opioid epidemic – with tragic results.  According to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, 2016 figures reveal regions experiencing the highest death tolls in South Carolina including Horry, Charleston, Greenville, York, and Richland counties.

To reign in this public health crisis, government and legal interests are turning to the manufacturers and distributors who marketed powerfully addictive drugs to physicians for use on their patients.  In the 1990’s, manufacturers and sales reps marketed opioid pain-relievers as a common-sense alternative to more addictive drugs.  Today, legal teams are using the courtroom to obtain financial and other relief for communities who have paid in lives for such false advertising.

In addition to the lives tragically lost, opioid addiction impacts babies born to mothers who are addicted; severely strains the budgets of local governments trying to provide effective medical help to their citizens; and destroys families and neighborhoods at every socio-economic level.

The opioid epidemic is at the doorstep of every American household.  Our team of law firms is committed to achieving just compensation for the cities and communities from the companies that have profited from these deadly medications.

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