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What Your Medical Malpractice Attorney Needs to Know

If you have been injured during a hospital stay or medical procedure, the next logical step seems to be filing a malpractice claim. What many fail to realize is that bringing a medical malpractice case against a hospital, doctor, nurse or physician’s assistant requires more than simply proving one was injured while undergoing medical care. Your lawyer must be able to prove that an accepted standard of care was not met and that the health care professional or hospital acted with negligence. Furthermore, this negligence must be shown to be the direct cause of your injury or illness. In order to adequately litigate your case, there a few crucial pieces of information that malpractice attorneys must be armed with. Below, our Washington D.C. and Baltimore, MD lawyers review what your medical malpractice attorney needs to know in order to successfully litigate your claim.

What your medical malpractice lawyer needs

  1. Medical Records. A mistake on the part of the doctor, nurse, technician or hospital is not enough to bring a medical malpractice claim against the facility. This mistake must have resulted in a measurable injury or illness. In order to prove this, your medical malpractice attorney will need copies of all related medical records. Therefore, if you have been the victim of an injury or illness as the result of a medical procedure, seek medical attention immediately and your attorney promptly so that your records can be obtained for review by a medical expert.
  2. Expert Witness Testimony. Not only must your injury be measurable, it must be able to be proven to be a direct result of the doctor or facility’s negligence. Therefore, your medical malpractice lawyer will need your medical records reviewed by an expert witness. This witness must be able to clearly explain how the mistake was caused, how it could and should have been prevented, and how it caused the injury in question.
  3. Documentation of Needed Long-Term Care. The extent and severity of your injury will determine the viability of your case. Therefore, all recommended long-term care services, along with the projected costs of these services, should be discussed with your attorney

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