$1.5 Million Breach in the Standards of Care Lead to Blindness

On March 16, the Infant Plaintiff, then three months old, presented to the Defendant Hospital to undergo a lensectomy and interior vitrectomy of the right eye.  During the course of the procedure, the Plaintiffs alleged that health care personnel caring for the Infant Plaintiff negligently placed Cefazolin in the eye instead of the required normal saline solution.  This breach in the standards of care resulted in blindness in the Infant Plaintiff’s right eye, which is permanent in nature.

The Plaintiffs alleged that the blindness in the right eye constituted an even more catastrophic injury because the Infant Plaintiff suffers with compromised vision in the left eye.  In other words, the underlying conditions in the Infant Plaintiff’s left eye have rendered the blindness in the Infant Plaintiff’s right eye even more devastating.  Additionally, the Plaintiffs alleged that the Infant Plaintiff suffers the probability of losing the right eye as a result of the damage inflicted upon him, and will require cosmetic surgery for the placement of a prosthetic eye.