$450,000 Anesthesia Errors

The Plaintiff’s Decedent was 36 years old with a history of pulmonary hypertension and multiple sclerosis. She developed hydradenitis in the left inguinal region. This is essentially an infected or inflamed sweat gland. The Plaintiff submitted to surgical removal of this condition at a hospital. The Defendant Anesthesiologist elected to administer general anesthesia even though it was contraindicated in an individual with a longstanding history of pulmonary hypertension. Such a procedure can easily be performed under local anesthesia. Indeed, the Plaintiff’s Decedent had undergone prior excisions of hydradenitis under local anesthesia. Unfortunately, the Plaintiff’s Decedent received inappropriate induction of anesthesia given her history and obesity. Following induction her blood pressure dropped significantly. No palpable blood pressure could be obtained. The Defendant Anesthesiologist did not timely initiate appropriate resuscitative measures leading to the Plaintiff’s Decedent’s death. The Plaintiff’s Decedent was survived by her parents and two children.