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Every year, millions of children are reportedly taken to hospital emergency rooms nationwide. From serious falls to sports-related injuries, ER doctors provide medical treatment to children at surprisingly high rates for numerous reasons.

Injuries are a top cause of children in the ER

The active and curious nature of children make them particularly prone to injury. Some of the most common childhood injuries seen in emergency rooms include:

  • Falls. Every year, hundreds of thousands of children are reportedly injured by falls. This means that more than 50 kids visit the emergency each day from such incidents as bicycle, scooter and skateboard falls. For young children, fall injuries often involve high chair and stairway accidents.
  • Poisoning. Children are inquisitive by nature, and that curiosity can sometimes lead to dangerous poisoning. The ingestion of poison sends more than 300 children to the emergency room every day, according to the CDC.
  • Vehicle accidents. As reported by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) approximately 150 children are seen in the emergency room for vehicle accidents every hour. Car accidents are also the most common cause of death for children between the ages of five and 19 years old.

Acute respiratory emergencies harm numerous children every day

Our Baltimore medical malpractice attorneys know all too well that respiratory disorders can send children to emergency rooms. Children with asthma may have a life-threatening attack after coming in contact with allergens. Other respiratory causes of emergency room visits include bronchitis, croup and having foreign bodies in the airway.

Brain injuries and nervous system disorders have become a leading cause of ER visits

As reported by US News and World Report, childhood brain injury visits to the emergency room have doubled over the last decade. Many of these incidents stem from sporting injuries, but strikes to the head and vehicle accidents are also major causes. Nervous system complications may also accompany brain injuries, including seizures.

Numerous types of infections result in childhood emergency room treatment

While the rate of infection-related hospitalizations has decreased, it is still a leading cause of childhood emergency room visits. As reported by US News, about 4.5 million children visit the ER each year for infections. From ear infections and colds, to rashes and eye conditions, children of all ages present to emergency rooms for infections.

Maryland and Washington D.C. attorneys offer highly skilled representation for children harmed during emergency room visits

When parents take their children to the emergency room, they do so with the expectation that the treating physician will provide excellent care. If your child was a victim of medical malpractice during a visit to the emergency room, speak to an attorney at Schochor, Staton, Goldberg, and Cardea, P.A. Call our firm today at 410-234-1000 or complete a contact form. We have offices in Baltimore, MD and Washington D.C.