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A former high school team doctor who worked with youth hockey organizations for 20 years currently faces 27 criminal sexual conduct charges.

Formerly licensed to practice medicine in Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota, and Georgia, 66-year-old Zvi Levran pled not guilty to the charges against him.  He is currently jailed in Oakland County, Michigan awaiting a hearing in late February. Given the growing number of charges against the former physician, the court did not consider bond for Mr. Levran.

The story of Mr. Levran is sadly similar to those of other adults who abuse and sexually prey on others.  Individuals of high esteem in a community, oftentimes physicians or priests, may take advantage of the trust placed in them by their patients or parishioners of all ages.  Too often abusers walk free while their victims’ lives remain defined by the injury they silently suffer.

In the case of Mr. Levran, a 19-year-old survivor walked into a police department in Farmington Hills, Michigan, in October 2022, and reported what had happened to him at the home of then-Dr. Levran after the younger man had arranged to be seen for a sports injury.  Mr. Levran had long provided sports physicals and exams out of his home to the youth hockey leagues and travel teams with which he associated.  The youth said Dr. Levran told him not to tell anyone he had been assaulted

Mr. Levran had no criminal record prior to his arrest.  At this writing, law enforcement has received tips about Mr. Levran from people in Canada, Arizona, California, North Carolina, Minnesota, and other Michigan communities.

Mr. Levran joins other high-profile Michigan healthcare providers, like MSU sports doctor Larry Nassar and UofM physician Robert Anderson who practiced and abused patients for years in the community without check.

On his personal website, Mr. Levran cites his volunteerism and work with high school hockey teams.  Notes one endorsement, “He is so valuable to High-School Hockey, no one has any idea. We are lucky to have him. He has helped out so many players with all sorts of problems.”

Regaining a voice through the legal process can help survivors recover some control of the life taken from them by their abuser.  If you have experienced sexual abuse or assault by a physician or papal advisor, speak with our legal team.

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