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Have you ever felt like your doctor paid little attention when you mentioned you were uncomfortable with a medication?  Have you filled a prescription and walked away wondering why you just did that?  You are not alone.

A new study from the University of Kent published in the journal Health and Social Care in the Community spotlights how people feel about the medications they take, and the intrusiveness in their lives.

Prescriptions Are A Booming Business In America

A 2017 report found that approximately 55 percent of adults in this country take at least one prescription medication.  Of those, 53 percent get their prescriptions from more than one health care provider, upping their chances of an adverse drug reaction.

In the new study, researchers explored the attitudes of people about the medications they take, and the findings are not all that surprising. Here are a few points from the data:

  • Those who take higher number of prescription drugs each day experience a higher impact of drugs on their lives.
  • Older patients are less bothered by taking medications than younger adults.
  • People are generally concerned about side effects of the drugs that they take, with more than half of participants concerned about the long term effects they could suffer from the drugs.
  • More than a quarter of those surveyed wanted to know more about the drugs they take as well as having more input into the brands of drugs they are prescribed.
  • Just over a quarter of respondents expressed concern about the cost of prescriptions and how to pay for them.
  • About 30 percent felt that “their lives revolved” around the meds they take, and only about 25 percent felt they had a say in whether they took the drug or not.
  • With a shout-out for improved bedside manner, 16 percent of those surveyed said they did not believe their doctor listened to their concerns about their meds, while 11 percent felt their comments about their medications were not taken seriously.

The right medications taken for the correct reasons can be a powerful means to save lives or improve quality of life.  The wrong medications, or those taken for the wrong reasons, can shorten life and damage health.

Always Be Sure To Ask Questions

If you take a number of prescription drugs, talk to your doctor about whether you need them all.  If you have multiple healthcare providers, be sure that each is informed of the meds you are taking.  And if you suffer an adverse drug event or serious medication mistake – consider speaking with an experienced medication error attorney.

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