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A new way of thinking might revolutionize the way hospitals handle medical errors and their repercussions. A program known as Communication and Optimal Resolution—Candor for short— encourages hospitals to proactively admit when a mistake occurs, and immediately begin to resolve the issue. The new approach is being tested at 14 different hospitals.

Under Candor, patients or their families are notified within an hour after a mistake is discovered. From there, the hospital pauses the billing process and launches an investigation into what happened. The patient or family stays informed every step of the way. Investigations are completed within two months, and the hospital determines whether or not the patient should receive financial compensation.

Traditionally, medical errors are hidden from the patient. The hospital might wait until the patient or the family discovers malfeasance, and then defends their staff against a medical malpractice lawsuit. The hospital staff may know about the malpractice but talk about it in secret meetings instead of out in the open.

Potential effects on medical malpractice litigation

If Candor is put into widespread effect, it may give more people access to compensation—people who otherwise wouldn’t attempt a lawsuit.

In that way, Candor may help curtail the number of medical malpractice lawsuits filed. However, critics of Candor are concerned though that since the investigations are done internally within the hospital, it might cause them to cut corners during an investigation or undervalue the amount of compensation to give the victim. When a patient hires an attorney, there is an independent investigation and advocacy for full, fair, and adequate compensation for all injuries and damages.

What to do if you’ve been the victim of malpractice in Washington D.C. or Maryland

As of now, don’t expect the hospital or physician to admit wrongdoing if you suspect medical negligence. Unfortunately, the responsibility falls on the patient or family to advocate for their legal right to compensation. If a health care professional made a serious error and you or someone you love was harmed, contact an attorney right away.

You may feel deterred by the taking on a big hospital, but understand you can hold them accountable. Representation from a skilled malpractice lawyer helps ease the burden. They handle all the legal details while you focus on recovery.

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