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Dr. Ernesto Torres of Frederick County, Maryland, has been indicted on 65 charges of sexual assault by a grand jury. Arrested earlier this month in connection with the rape of an 18-year-old patient, the 68-year-old Dr. Torres was re-arrested this week. He now stands accused of assaulting at least a dozen of his female patients during the past four decades. The youngest possible victim was 11 years old.

Among the many charges against Dr. Torres were 9 of child sexual abuse. In addition, Dr. Torres faces the following charges:

  • 10 counts of sex abuse with a minor
  • 43 counts of third-degree sex offenses
  • 2 counts of second-degree sex offenses
  • 1 count of second-degree assault

According to Frederick County State’s Attorney Charlie Smith, “All [of the victims] described inappropriate touching under their clothing. Some involved penetration, as well, so a very unfortunate, very sad set of facts.”

Investigators expect more victims to step forward as the case proceeds. According to Will Cockey, a spokesman with the Frederick County State’s Attorney’s Office, multiple concerned parents have already come forward since announcement of the arrest and Frederick Police Department detectives continue to receive calls in the case.

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