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Schochor, Staton, Goldberg, and Cardea, P.A.’s Managing Partner, Jonathan Schochor, appeared in a recent Baltimore Sun article and video about the class action settlement the firm is seeking on behalf of former patients of Johns Hopkins gynecologist, Dr. Nikita Levy. On October 30, 2013, a Baltimore court approved the class action against Johns Hopkins, which will enable the hospital to avoid further litigation if a settlement is reached. Mr. Schochor, as a lead litigator in this case, was featured speaking at a press conference and heavily quoted in explaining the merits of the case.

Levy is accused of surreptitiously photographing and recording videos of his patients. As someone who worked in the Baltimore hospital and health system since 1988, Dr. Levy had violated as many as 12,600 women.

Concern over Levy’s actions arose when a female colleague noticed what looked like a pen camera hanging from the doctor’s neck and then alerted Hopkins officials.

Levy died in an apparent suicide amidst these charges.

Schochor, Staton, Goldberg, and Cardea, P.A.’s interviews with former patients additionally revealed a pattern of “sexual boundary violations” by Levy. Patients reported Levy had used inappropriate language during exams, and also told lawyers that visits included inappropriate touching and repeated pelvic exams.

Some said Levy practiced without the presence of another medical professional (chaperone) during patient interactions, a routine hospital practice set in place to ensure the safety of both patients and doctors.

The plan submitted by the parties was approved by the Court on November 25, 2013. Accordingly, Notice to former patients of Dr. Levy to register and participate in the Class will be provided to former patients of Dr. Levy in January via correspondence to prior patients, as well as newspaper, radio and television ads.

In pursuing the class action settlement, Schochor, Staton, Goldberg, and Cardea, P.A. intends to accelerate the legal process so that victims of Dr. Levy can receive the help they need as soon as possible.