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When a patient receives hospital care, numerous people and entities have a duty to provide that individual with proper care. Under some circumstances, the hospital or medical center may carry some liability for patient injuries. Typically, this responsibility stems from the negligent actions of staff, or from the hospital’s negligence in managing the reasonably safe provision of medical care.

Hospital Negligence can take Many Forms

Hospitals have numerous responsibilities when it comes to providing medical care to patients, including:

  • Hiring appropriately credentialed and skilled physicians and nurses
  • Providing adequate supervision of staff members
  • Maintaining properly operating equipment
  • Repairing or replacing faulty equipment in an adequate and timely manner
  • Properly overseeing all medical procedures within the hospital
  • Maintaining a sterile environment

When hospital administrators fail to meet these requirements, they may be liable for the injuries resulting from their hospital medical malpractice. Our skilled Baltimore medical malpractice lawyers have seen various acts of neglect on the part of hospitals, including incidents involving:

  • Inadequate hiring and firing practices. Hospitals not only have a duty to hire competent staff, but they also have a duty to fire them when they fail to perform adequately.
  • Failure to protect patient safety. Hospitals should have procedures and protocols in place that promote patient safety, including proper sanitation and cleanliness measures, timely updates of files, fall prevention, and proper administration of medications.
  • Hospitals are busy places, and they need to ensure that they have enough staff members to properly care for each and every patient. Unfortunately, hospitals are notorious for their tendency to place profit over patients by understaffing.

Hospitals my be Held Accountable for the Negligent Actions of their Employees

Hospitals and medical centers are ultimately responsible for everything that goes on within their facilities, including the negligent actions of their employee doctors, nurses, and support staff. If a hospital or health care provider injures a patient through such negligent actions as misdiagnosis, surgical errors, or improperly prescribing medication, the innocent victim may be able to secure compensation from the hospital.

Nurses, like physicians, also owe a duty of care to the patients they serve within a hospital. Nurse errors can be just as damaging and deadly as doctor errors, and may include such actions as:

  • Improper monitoring of patient vital signs
  • Incorrect administration of medications
  • Failing to report important signs or symptoms to a physician in a timely manner

Helping Medical Malpractice Victims through the Complexities of a Claim

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