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We trust doctors with two of our most valuable assets – our health and our lives. When tackling the challenging task of choosing the right physician, a comprehensive look at their professional history can be extremely useful. There are numerous resources available for obtaining information about past medical malpractice complaints or disciplinary actions. Finding them just takes a little research and effort.

The state licensing board

Every state has an official board that grants and manages physicians’ licenses to practice medicine. These boards generally maintain information about disciplinary actions against the doctor, as well as medical malpractice cases. In Washington D.C., the Department of Health website includes a search engine where you can learn various types of information about your physician, including:

  • Date of initial licensure
  • Current status of license
  • Type of medicine practices
  • Disciplinary actions occurring since 1996

The Maryland Board of Physicians website can also prove useful. It also offers public searches, providing such details as:

  • Application status
  • Date of initial licensure
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Malpractice judgements
  • Malpractice settlements

Many physicians hold licenses in various states, so a search of several state boards may be necessary to get a complete picture of any medical malpractice claims or disciplinary actions.

Other methods of researching your physician’s medical history

If your doctor has been sued for medical malpractice within your state, court records should reflect information about the case, including the outcome. The state of Maryland maintains this information online through its case search page, while D.C. cases can be searched through their Court View service.  These resources can alert you to any lawsuits and the final disposition. However, you may need to visit the courthouse if you want to view specific case documents.

There are also numerous groups that use patient reviews and other metrics to provide physicians with a grade. These resources can be extremely helpful because they allow you to read about experiences that other patients have had with the physician, both good and bad. Your insurance company may also maintain a rating and review system for network doctors. Contact the company’s referral service to inquire.

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