$1 Million Brachial Plexus

On May 3, the Plaintiff was admitted to the Defendant Hospital’s labor and delivery suite. By May 4, the Plaintiff was completely dilated and her unborn baby was descending in the bony birth canal. Thereafter, these Defendants encountered shoulder dystocia — when the Infant Plaintiff’s left shoulder became entrapped in her mother’s birth canal by the pubic bone. The Plaintiff alleged that these Defendants negligently failed to instruct the Plaintiff to stop pushing once shoulder dystocia was diagnosed, negligently performed the McRoberts maneuver and suprapubic pressure and utilized excessive traction on the baby’s head, thereby causing severe damage to the baby’s brachial plexus — finally resulting in a permanent Erb’s Palsy. Indeed, the Plaintiff had video documentation of the delivery and negligence in this case which directly contradicted the medical record and testimony of the Defendant.

The Infant Plaintiff required ongoing care by specialists, including surgery, in an attempt to restore function to her arm, hand and fingers.

The Defendant denied all allegations of negligence, causation and/or damages.